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Who we are, and how we came to be.

Long story short

Soffed is a knowledge-based company. Our assets are not factories or delivery trucks, and we have no warehouses full of products. Soffed is powered by the brains and skills of its people. Our brains are our primary assets.

These brains, and their owners, have been working at the intersection of technology and education for a long time – at least forty years collectively. In fact, Soffed people have worked together for so long that, at the start of our collaboration, there even was no Soffed.

Our background is in education and our passion is technology. Soffed people were working for Jisc (‘the UK’s expert on digital technologies for education and research’) when JISC was in its heyday. In the late nineties and early noughties, Jisc benefited, as did the whole of the UK, from the relatively free flow of public funds. Relative, that is, to the constraints and budget-parings that were exacted after the global economic difficulties around 2007/8.

Back then, the UK Labour government was in its comfortable landslide position and the air rang with slogans like ‘widening participation’ and phrases like ‘50% of young people in higher education by the end of the decade’. Funds flowed to back up the words and Jisc and we, in our JISC-funded Regional Support Centre based in Scotland, devised mechanisms that would use technology to help attain the goal.

By the end of the decade, Jisc, like many other organisations reliant on public sector funds, was calculating how deep it would have to cut in order to survive. Our Jisc Regional Support Centre unit was axed in 2011 and it was at that moment that Soffed was born, a company benefiting from the experience of all those years and with the knowledge to survive in the much changed educational marketplace.

This spot of history gives the background to Soffed. Please continue reading to learn more about the people in the Soffed team.

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Our Team

In the Soffed spotlight we have:


Sarah Price
Director of Strategy

Sarah’s background is in web development, instructional and graphic design, journalism and project management. She has worked in both the public (education) and private sectors. Beyond Soffed, she enjoys sailing her yacht and walking her dog.


Kenji Lamb
eLearning Advocate

Kenji started his career as an ESOL teacher, with an emphasis on technology-enhanced learning and teaching. His interests lie in assessment, games-based learning and the practical benefits that digital approaches can bring to education.


Craig Mill
Assistive Technology Guru

Craig’s specialism is technology that helps achieve a level playing field for learners in the face of disabilities or difficulties. Craig is Soffed’s in-house expert on inclusive good practice, ensuring that content conforms to national and legal standards.


Shakya Ganguly
Tech Wizard

Shakya leads on critical business initiatives from project planning, requirements definition, risk management, communication, to implementation. From a technical perspective, he seeks to identify innovative solutions to project deadlocks.

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